This is a dressage worthy of you

Ursprungligen publicerat 2013-04-09.


Det här läste jag i morse och kände att jag måste dela med mig:


Your role as a rider is to generate warmth compassion and gentleness toward the horse. You do this through joyful discipline and dedication. 

Dressage correctly understood has nothing to do with movements or the aids even. It is a body of information which extends itself as a manifestation of the basic goodness common between the horse and the rider.

Finding this goodness is not creating it in yourself or your horse but allowing something which is already present to manifest. This is done by practicing mindful awareness. Very simple? Yes, but very profound at the same time. 

Try kindness, lean kindness, be kindness... it will change you and your horse. This is a dressage worthy of you.

   Craig Stevens


Nu ska jag gå ut och praktisera lite mindful awareness med mina hästar. Ha en bra dag!